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Media and Press Releases

2016 Instillation Art2016 Installation artist, Adam Rathburn, had this to say about his instillation:

In life's early stages, the simple act of covering oneself with a blanket offers the sensation of safety and comfort. On a macro scale the buildings we live and work in give us similar feelings.  Playing on this concept,  I looked into how I could deconstruct our idea of what a "structure of comfort" is.

  The overall shape of this structure is in reaction to the very square and rectangular world we experience daily. From basic possessions, to the home we live in, to office cubicles, to high rises resembling giant shoes boxes, we are surrounded by squares and rectangles. The more society has surrounded itself in these boxes the more dehumanized they become. Breaking the square and creating a triangle was the first step in breaking down the box, for this structure.
  Creating something organic in shape and structure was my next step. Looking back at my childhood, I spent summers sailing and gathering rocks on the shore of Lake Erie. This lead to my interest in geology and studying minerals and their formation. A crystal begins as a liquid solution, thus creating a crystal lattice structure that is represented through the structure's skeleton of conduit pipe. In its final stages, a crystal forms its  faces. By use of a 'Chartreuse yellow' colored sail fabric, the skin of the structure is created.  The choice of yellow sail cloth is an expression of the structure to stand out against the surrounding area, by grabbing the viewer's eye.
  My idea for this structure is similar to the growth of a crystal, in that the crystal merely starts as an envisioned idea that progresses into a shape. Even with the cracks between the skeleton and the skin, the viewer will not only be comforted while being blanketed within the structure, but be able to envision a sail against a bright blue day and feel the breeze.  


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