Festival Events

There are two stages with events throughout both days. 

like a music festival within an art festival like a poetry festival within an art festival


2016 Music Stage

Saturday, September 3 starting at 10:00 AM

Bloomington Community Band
Helber Sisters
Quarryland Men's Choir
Dave Sharp and the Radical Moderates
O2R Blues Band
All About Belly Dance

Sunday September 4 starting at 10:00 AM

Bloomington Youth Philharmonic
Crossover Band
Jack Whittle Band


2016 Spoken Word Stage

Presented by the Writers Guild at Bloomington and supported in part by the Bloomington Arts Commission and the Fourth Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts.

10:30 Tony Brewer (poetry)
11:00 Butch D’Ambrisio (sonnets)
11:30 Merry MAC Players (theatre)
12:30 Patsy Rahn (poetry)
1:00 Alex Hollett (poetry)
1:30 Abegunde (fiction)
2:00 Fig Tree Fellowship Radio Players (audio theatre)
3:00 Bloomington High School South Poetry Out Loud (poetry)
3:30 Shari Wagner (poetry/IPL)
4:00 Shakespeare’s Monkey (poetry band)
4:30 Karen Kovacik (poetry/former IPL)
5:00 Tom Hastings (poetry)
5:30 5 Women Poets (poetry)

10:00 Eric Rensberger (poetry)
10:30 Joan Hawkins (fiction)
11:00 Yalie Kamara (poetry)
11:30 Shayne Laughter (fiction)
12:00 Shana Ritter (poetry)
12:30 Jack Ramey (poetry)
1:00 Claire Arbogast (fiction/storytelling)
1:30 Arbutus Cunningham (storytelling)
2:00 Adam Henze (poetry)
2:30 Lisa Kwong (poetry/personal essay)
3:00 Bloomington Storytellers Guild (storytelling)
3:30 James Dorr (horror fiction)
4:00 Jason Ammerman (poetry)
4:30 Andrew Hubbard (poetry)